Bar Marketing Strategies and Ideas

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Whether you are just starting out or want to expand your current business, you need to think outside the bar. Consider renting your bar as a party and event space. You can even form a partnership with a local caterer. Hold business events, fundraisers, personal gatherings, and other events at your bar. Not only will this increase revenue, but it will also expose your business to new people. Below are some tips to help you promote your bar.


One of the most effective marketing strategies for a bar is involving your frequent customers. Your regulars know your bar better than anyone, and can be a great source of upselling and referrals. You can even offer them perks like free drink specials, a loyalty program, or exclusive invites for special occasions. By tapping into their social networks, you can reach out to a new audience and make them a regular at your bar.

When approaching influencers, remember that personalization only gives a two percent lift, but you can use it to your advantage. Try including an introduction and a personal note. You can also mention them in your posts with a link to their profile page. Make sure to cut out any fluff or jargon. While most influencers are busy, be willing to ask them for their feedback. It will help you stand out from the crowd and will allow you to showcase your talent.


When used correctly, geofencing can be one of the most effective marketing tools in your business. Geofencing works by serving as an advertisement portal. It targets potential customers, sending notifications that include discounts or offers. Whether your customers are local or not, geofencing will increase your visibility and generate more business. Read on for more information. Below are some tips for geofencing in bar marketing strategies and ideas.

– Use location-based services. For example, many retail businesses set up geofences around competitors' stores. These businesses can then send push notifications to customers who enter their geotargeted areas. They will then have the opportunity to target their ads to these consumers. This will help them analyze which marketing strategies are most effective. Geofencing is particularly beneficial to bars that have multiple locations. For example, if a bar is located within the same town as a popular restaurant, geofencing can help it increase sales.


Promotional coupons are a great way to attract customers to your bar. You can promote them using social media, asking people to share your posts and comment on them. You can also advertise through ads and in-app ordering. If you use these tactics correctly, your bar will see a huge increase in revenue. Promotional coupons are also an excellent way to encourage people to spend more money, especially if you have a large following.

Using coupons effectively can generate a substantial amount of top-line revenue while requiring a minimal marketing budget. They also offer consumers a great way to get rid of slow-moving items, and can break even on items that normally sit on the shelves. Offering customers a 10% discount on these items can literally send them off the shelves. This is an excellent way to increase sales of a product that may otherwise not sell.


If you've never considered a marketing strategy for your bar, you might want to think about identifying your target market. This means thinking about the local population, your favorite clients, and the foot traffic in your area. Once you've identified your ideal customer, you can begin crafting your marketing strategy around that profile. Demographic data, or physical characteristics, includes the age, gender, and income of your target market. You can obtain this information by interviewing current customers or learning more about their backgrounds.

Consider creating social media audiences that fit your demographics. Facebook and Twitter, for example, both have sophisticated targeting capabilities that can help your bar attract a younger audience. For example, a bar could target a group of twenty and thirty-something women in a 15-mile radius who like wine-related posts and Facebook pages. The more targeted your audience, the more relevant your advertisements will be. Use the power of social proof to create highly effective ads for your new business.

Local events

If you're thinking about opening a bar in your community, one of the best marketing strategies is to leverage local events for marketing purposes. Events in your area are bound to attract customers and promote your brand. Make sure to research upcoming events and market your business accordingly. Consider inviting local politicians, celebrities, and bloggers. Encourage your regular customers to act as brand advocates and spread the word about your bar. Create a bar website and join local directories to reach a wider audience. You can also incorporate keywords in your site to target potential customers.

You can host events at your bar to attract new customers and increase traffic. Hosting charity events is another great way to attract new customers. Events can be as simple as flipping a coin while ordering a drink, like a penny night, where customers can purchase their favorite beer on tap for a penny. Other bar marketing ideas include sponsoring a new album or a band. Sponsoring a new album is a great way to increase buzz, and will attract new visitors.